The Psychic Paramount
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The Psychic Paramount

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Ok, here is the group named “The Psychic Paramount” and they are really psychic. While listening to their music I think of Russ Meyer’s movies. And this is a hell of a compliment! I hope you have noticed there is no special prelude as I usually write. That’s because The Psychic Paramount are so fast and furious that one has no time for any preludes and intros! Once music is on you’ve got to jump into the void of dirt and psychedelic visions.

The Psychic Paramount is a New York-based band with four releases, recorded to make you dance like a disturbed maniac in an underground asylum. And this was a compliment, too! Their songs are dirty, kicking and distorting your nerves from your brain to the fingertips. And this process of distortion looks pretty beautiful and attractive. It looks even funny, of course, if you can think of a funny self-distortion, whatever it means.

This album I’m listening right now, while writing this article straight outta psychedelic void, is called “Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural”. And I love it. The songs are long and dirty as a hair of some crazy old woman with scissors from a cheap and charming horror movie. The sounds are sweaty and fat as a husband of that old lady. And the pictures in my head provoked by “Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural” are wet as water, but a little bit wetter. And they do not sing! Isn’t it great? They just play their fierce stuff with everything overloaded.

Psychedelic trip at its best. Dirty sex, dirty clothes, wet dreams and exciting journeys into the magical unknown. Make it louder and enjoy.

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