PJ Harvey
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PJ Harvey

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Polly Jean Harvey is a prayer. She is a prayer for everything good, saint, dirty and meaningful in this world. A prayer for light and lust. Magical words and images of Life and Love. This is what Polly Jean Harvey is.

So tender and nervous, so beautiful and sincere – she is like a conscience and a loud, assured voice of today’s music. Even when there are no new releases from her. She cannot be forgotten even for a moment. Every second of Music’s breath is filled with her passion and melodies. The only thing we can do is to listen to her old records, enjoy her smile and legs and wait for a new release. She cannot leave us alone without new confessions. Of course, this is we who are so greedy! PJ Harvey always gives us what we want and when we’ve got to have it. But it’s just me, a greedy voice of those who always want more. 

There is got be something new to come. With all our respect and tender attitude, we are ready to hug and stroke the new revelation from Polly Jean Harvey, this big-mouthed Queen in perfect red shoes. A verse, a raw demo, a single – anything to be sure that everything in this world is on its right place. There are not so many artists who can hit us with a feeling like that. I mean this special feeling when everything bad goes away and you realize that this world is a good place, despite all the ugly things that might happen every single day.

Her albums, her words and the truth she wraps into a stylish fabric of anthems full of emotions and senses – all this leaves no any other choice for this world, but a good future. As long as such people live, love and create music, everything is going to be alright and we all have future. A bit anxious, but a bright future.

So, let’s just wish for a new music from Polly Harvey. Perhaps, it will work. I think it’s about time for another masterpiece from the Queen to make us all sure that the Good things exist and “This is Love” – all this around us is Love.


Official Website: http://www.pjharvey.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PJHarvey Twitter: https://twitter.com/PJHarveyUK

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