David Cronenberg's Wife
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David Cronenberg's Wife

Artist reviewed by:

I love’em, I love’em, I love them. “David Cronenberg's Wife” is a name of the band I’m suggesting everyone worth being suggested with a good, sophisticated and special music to try. This band’s style is “anti-folk”. That’s what they call it. So, I think you are ready to try something completely different, my friends.

David Cronenberg's Wife is an English band, they come from London. And this is great, too. Bands like that are to come only from London. Well, frankly speaking, there are no bands like that. David Cronenberg's Wife is the one of a kind group. Their lyrics are intelligent, fierce, gloomy and humorous. Listening to songs with lyrics like Wife has is a real pleasure: smart and talented.

David Cronenberg's Wife is a cross between post punk and something folky and wicked, kind and wicked, to be more precise. They use a violin, keyboards, a guitar, a dulcimer, a bass and drums. And you cannot define what this style is, but you know it is something worthy. They are outsiders being proud of this status and freedom it gives.

I want to go to some sticky pub to listen to this band. The atmosphere they create is an intelligent gloom and laughter you simply cannot ignore. The first song by David Cronenberg's Wife was “Harry the Morgue”. And it hit me. I caught myself listening to it on and on for many times. Amazing song with a story written and told so brilliantly and exciting that I’ve lost myself for a moment. “Harry the Morgue” made my day and my whole week. And now I’m suggesting you David Cronenberg's Wife. Sit back, concentrate and go on, check out their music. You will get into it and love it.

Some useful links:

Official Website: http://www.davidcronenbergswife.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidcronenbergswife