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Black Magick SS

Artist reviewed by:

I am back with some extraordinary band for you to listen. Guys create a void you have never known. They take you to this void, introduce you to the darkness and laugh.

Imagine a laughing and joking darkness. Imagine darkness being kind and cozy. It invites you to an orgy and offers you tea. And this is truly sincere. Well, this is a kind of feeling “Black Magick SS” gives me each time I’m listening to their raw, occult sounds. And I do it quite a lot, so, I love my life, yes.

Black Magick SS is an Australian band playing occult psychedelic rock and black metal. Their records are really raw, underground and desperately charming. Organ and drums makes you get deep into the imaginary dark rituals, which suddenly may become real!

Black Magick SS has releases: three EPs and an LP called “The Black Abyss”. “Dark Lord” and “Panzerwitch” is something awesome and psychedelic. The records of Black Magick SS are lo-fi and it brings a special atmosphere in their music. Wicked deeds with smiles on the faces. Some carnival  you want to join but afraid of. You want to watch that carnival, enjoy the naked witches dancing and doing things you cannot tell anyone.

And another great thing about Black Magick SS: they give you lots of energy. Try it, yeah.

Some useful links:

Bandcamp: https://blackmagickss.bandcamp.com/ Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/3092467-Black-Magick-SS Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Black+Magick+SS