Crosseyed Heart
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Old Dipsomaniacs Just Wanna Have Fun

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What is the difference between Keith Richard’s album and The Rolling Stones? Well, The Rolling Stones sound like Jagger and the music is more polished in the direction of politically correct pop. On the other hand, Keith sounds like insolent dipsomaniac who will say it all to your face, in a language that falls somewhere between street jargon and Tom Waits.

Solo album Crosseyed Heart continues dipsomaniac’s tradition, combining the roots of blues, country and reggae in nice arrangements. Richard’s classically ruffled up voice and dirty guitars crown the album. Some might wonder what would happen If Stones decided to make a club band. They would probably sound like this.

Heartstopper, Amnesia and Suspicious are begging to be sung by Mick Jagger but naughty Keith Richards does not allow them. The most successful track of the album is a song with Norah Jones in which they evoke late night sentiments. The two of them sound like Isobel & Mark, Nancy & Lee, Kylie & Nick. Cover of Goodnight, Irene made me fall in love with the album because it sounds like it was molded for Richards. I am surprised he didn’t record it before. No matter how it may look like a perfect match between the artist and the song, Ray Coder did a better job with the same song.

This is the type of album I would love to listen every 2-3 years and  it is not something that can compete with the current pearls of music production. It is good to know Keith is still having fun and he enjoys making music. Anyhow, I was expecting more risk taking from the old grumpy loudmouth who doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone.