The Most Lamentable Tragedy
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Tragic Rock Opera

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After three radiant albums, Titus Andronicus are back with another radioactive material for your rock brain cells. It is not a tragedy as the title suggests it, rather implosion of pure punk rock in their best effort yet. Conceptualized as rock opera, split in 5 chapters, The Most Lamentable Tragedy is a punk rock totem made of strong things and unforgettable hits.

Boys really pushed their limits with this album, you can hear they are really detail oriented. At the same time, the whole story is cohesive and well put together. There is no empty walk, only intelligent transitions from the first to the last track on the road paved with spruced punk. Patrick Stickles kicks ass with his vocal and he screams more than ever, especially in the middle of this rock opera masterpiece.

The opera itself has a subtext in philosophy, psychology, primary focusing on manic depression and fight with inner demons. Mature, metaphorical, allegorical. Lyrics are a bit hermetic, but certainly poetic in its mission to deconstruct death, destruction, future, sickness and loneliness.  Cover of Daniel Johnston’s I Lost My Mind is the only one articulating the problem of loss identity.

Standed (On My Own) is impressive tune from the first section, vocally extreme and lyrically obssesed with loneliness, independence and uncertainty. Lonely Boy is twin track, only in slow tempo.

Stand out track on the section of the album is Dimed Out, probably the biggest hit overall. Punk rock bomb with memorable chorus, humming bass and wild drums. It resembles their work and fits perfectly into this concept because they are singing about the therapeutic effect music creation has.

More Perfect Union starts very subtle but explodes into a deep chorus, with elements of blues and garage rock. The story continues with (S)HE SAID, (S)HE SAID, interesting intermission between third and fourth chapter referring to misunderstandings between men and women.

A Pair Of Brown Eyes, cover of The Pogues famous song is refreshing and inspirational. It was so cool to hear how would that song sound in punk version. 

Fifth chapter is philosophically articulating problems revolving around physical illness. We hear that in I’m Goin Insane (Finish Him), fun and rhythmical track. Such a shame it only lasts for two minutes. Stable Boy is blues anthem.

The Most Lamentable Tragedy will grow into a victory against inner demons. What is it so powerful in their music to make you feel different after you listen to it? If you ask me, this rock opera goes is in top 5 albums of the year. It is not a tragedy, it is a victory of music.