Lydia Lunch
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Lydia Lunch

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Lydia Lunch

It’s time to remember the cult fetish mommy, the granny of sweat and truth, the monument. Let us beg for more! Only she can give us the pleasure, the pain, the satisfaction and pro-longing orgasm: for our ears, hearts, souls and our lust for life and experiments. Only this Woman can show us the other side of everything: love, desire, depression and obsession. She knows everything and shares her wisdom with everyone. We want more Lunch, as we are hungry and lustful bad children! Lydia, feed us, please!

I am writing this article because I cannot wait anymore. Someone’s got to read these words, someone’s got to hear me. Lydia Lunch is a kind of drug, a poison that cures, sex, dirt, intelligence and wisdom. So one can’t just simply go on without constant doses of “Blame”, “I’m Afraid of Your Company”, “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” and other legal drugs.

My introduction to Lydia’s art was not easy. I could not accept her music for a long time, trying this and that. I was not ready, though, I’ve always felt that she was the one to listen to, getting deeper and deeper. I’ve felt her, because every single thing she does with and to music is something deep inside of me. I think we all have Lydia Lunch deeply under our skin. That’s why she’s not a no wave queen or something like that. She is just a Queen of understanding and useful, neurotic and dirty experiments. Lydia Lunch is an artist that is got to be there all the time. She has to be doing it. She can’t effort such a pleasure as retirement. Not this!

Lydia Lunch smokes hearts and leaves you no chance after you get into her sound, voice and wisdom. She has perfect taste in men, musicians and stories. That’s why her eyes and her voice are always familiar and make you feel like home. Like everything’s not so great, but, anyway, it is going to be alright. It’s hard to love or not love Lydia, as she is a variation of love in this world. She brings Love – universal, all-embracing and saving. That’s why we beg for more. Lydia, feed us, please!  

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