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Another band that makes me wet. And one of a kind band to me. I think I remember the way it was, the first time I’ve heard their sounds. It was winter. Though, I don’t like winter I’ve realized now that winters had given me so many true, important and great things. A lot of really awesome things in my life happened to me in winter. And there always was music by my side: my special music, giving me strength, wisdom and joy every single moment I needed it. So, I think it’s about time to face the fact: I love winter. And my life won’t ever be the same. So, it was winter and I found Seasurfer music. A very strange, hard and unforgettable period it was. I’ve had a lot of things to face and accept. It was pretty hard, the atmosphere was kind of grey, perturbing and there was a constant realization of changes. Anticipation of something new and great to come. Still I’m living with this anticipation, and this is one of the reasons why I still listen to all the Seasurfer songs like it’s a first time to me.

Seasurfer is a fresh, atmospheric calmness and anticipation at the same time. It surrounds you, hugs you and strokes your insides. Seasurfer is a many, many shivers in your stomach. Shivers of beauty, love and something else which is hard to determine. Seasurfer is a deep grey and blue sky full of dreams and a liquid beauty that falls down on you, washing away all the inconvenience and discomfort. I don’t know Seasurfer’s special secret, but somehow they are extremely good. I do not want to use any genre-definitions and clichés, trying to avoid any platitude. Perhaps, it would sound a bit naïve, but Seasurfer is too good to use any styles and genres.

I hope at least one person would get into this band’s music after reading this article. Thank you.

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