Filthy Huns
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Filthy Huns

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Though, it’s a cold autumn evening around here, when all I want to do is nothing, I am going to write about something dirty, sweaty and hot. Things like these are almost always in my head. So, this time we are going to talk about the band called “Filthy Huns”.

Filthy Huns comes from a sunny, hot and psychedelic nowhere, where lands are burning, boots and jeans are always dusty. All you want to do is drink, smoke, sleep and have sex. And, of course, you do wanna touch the sky, it’s obvious. Touch it, stroke it and make it rain. Filthy Huns comes from somewhere you read about but never been to. Huns got dirty, delayed guitars, electronic loops, reverbed vocal and lots of psychedelic passion. Lo-fi records made in a middle of some desert with a help of samplers, alcohol, witches and a bit of magic.

Cassette releases and a little info. Looks like a man/people standing behind the project are too busy to talk, because of a permanent vacation and dancing with dragons on the lost highways. Empty hotels seem to be the best places to make records like Huns do. Perhaps, it is all in my head, but a love the picture. And I love Huns’ sound, which is lazy, sometimes hopeless, sometimes it’s dreamy. And yeah, it is also dusty and hot. A good mix, isn’t it?

I want to stay in bed with my wife for the whole day long, listening to Filthy Huns and sipping on Vodka with tomato juice. And the sea is outside our window; everything is perfect, peaceful and calm, and Filthy Huns whispers in our ears beautiful southern mantras. Don’t knock on our door, don’t bother us. You better buy Huns’ album and try to relax with someone you love.    

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