Dead by April
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Something that gives me shivers. Music that may seem to sound ordinary and predictable, but it’s not like that at all. The band’s name might sound trivial, but it does not. Yes, I do realize what I am talking about. This is a French band called “Dead”.

Dead’s music is a mix of cold wave, noise, electronica and post punk. I think it is really hard to make something outstanding and brilliant with a bunch of genres like this. There are too many bands playing something alike nowadays. And that’s why I’m sharing Dead’s music with you here. That’s because this French trio has managed to create a really interesting and serious sound. And it is another reason why we all should forget about all those genres, subgenres, sub-sub-subgenres and everything else. Just listen to music, guys have something to say and show.

Dead band actually sounds not so dead, really. There were a couple of moments, while listening to them, when I thought of my one of my 90’s favorite bands “Curve”. But this is another story. Dead’s music somehow makes me feel like the future is now. Cold but not inconvenient. That’s why I was talking about shivers; those shivers were in my stomach. And this is a great feeling, that’s why I’ve decided to write about Dead this time. They’ve got a serious potential, a dirty guitar and a will to create an atmosphere. This atmosphere makes you feel like something good and weird is about to happen to you. Or, perhaps, it is happening to you right now.

So, pay attention to these guys. I am sure they are going to give us lots of interesting songs. They are Dead but not dead. Their music breathes life. It really does.

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