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Thunderbitches Better Beware

Album reviewed by:

It’s Thunder, bitch! The name of the new Brittany Howard’s (Alaba Shakes) project speaks for itself. Earlier this year, we had an Alabama Shakes album Sound & Color that teased the fans in which direction this band wants to go. Unfortunately, songs saturated with electronic influences were the weakest tracks on the album, so it is pretty cool Brittany has decided to form her own side project Thunderbitch. And she is kicking ass.

Thunderbitch is better and more effective than Sound & Color. It is a substantial garage rock album, filled with angst and softened with soul, presenting Brittany in all her glory. That vocal, man. I get the chills just thinking about it. The album itself is anachronic and it could easily pass as a record released in the era of Janis Joplin. Retromania is trendy, especially in indie rock niche.

Thunderbitch opens the execution of rock classics with Leather Jacker, a track that reminded me of a Woodstock rock generation. I Don’t Care is reminiscing The Bell Rays, while I Just Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll sounds like Buddy Holly reincarnated and started playing with garage rock. The low key tune called Closer sounds like something Alaba Shakes would make.

In Wild Child, Thunderbitch is stepping into the territory of Chuck Berry and it seems like she is not leaving it until the rest of the album (altough, not as angry).

Brittany Howard could easily become a female version of Jack White If she continues to be as fierce in everything she does. She only has three albums behind her (two with Alabama Shakes) and it is already obvious we have an undeniable talent in front of us. This is what you get when you combine powerful vocal with garage blues rock.

Thunderbitch is more dirty that Alabama Shakes. It is not polished or ‘’contaminated’’ with soul or electronic. If you are looking for an album to wake you up and set your brain on fire, than Thunderbitch is something you need to have on your playlist.