Mode Moderne
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Mode Moderne

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Mode Moderne is a kind of mix of a chocolate and a gothic charm. Something tasty and beautiful. Their music has a taste and flavor. You want to hug them for what they’re doing, because they are doing it like no one else.

This Vancouver based band creates sounds in a gothic tradition but with their own vision and charm. “Thieving Baby’s Breath” was a song that made me love Mode Moderne. This track left me no choice. It is so deep, saturated and tight that it feels like you’re stuck in a warm space of sound and sense. Lyrics are cunning, melodies are simple, though, sophisticated. Yes, sophisticated calm is something you feel while listening to any of their songs.

Mode Moderne makes you feel like dancing, but with no rush and nerves. Dance, catch every sound and just enjoy. This is one of those rare bands I’d like to see playing live. Drinking beer in a cozy club while listening to “Severed Heads”, “Strangle the Shadows” is a great Saturday night, I guess. Mode Moderne sing about love and “Real Goths”, they sing about things strange and ordinary. And they do it with a style. Dark Pop, Nu Goth – call it what you want, but it won’t describe the whole variety of feelings and emotions they share with their listeners.

I’m sure the best songs by Mode Moderne are up to come and it makes me feel really happy. They have released many awesome tracks, but still something great is on its way. This is one of those bands that you’re always returning to. No matter what makes you feel crazy at this moment, you will return to Mode Moderne alone in your room, with lights turned off and soul begging for peace and a good music.  

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