Bring Me The Horizon
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sometimes change is good

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As a deathcore/metalcore fan, you should familiar with Bring Me The Horizon. Or as a fan girl, you should know this band because of Oliver Sykes. Few days ago, they released their fifth album “That’s The Spirit”. Compared with the past albums, especially the first album “Count Your Blessings” is totally different. Personally, it is better than last album as the melody is more mature. And the arrangement between post-hardcore and electronic elements are well-balanced.

I remember when they released their first album “Count Your Blessings”, it was totally deathcore stuff but of course it was not my cup of tea. Later on the 2nd album “Suicide Seasons” and 3rd album “There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret” seems becoming a bit melodic. After 2 years later, their 4th album “Sempiternal” changed to melodic, electronic post-hardcore style. And now, this time, the album can be said as much mature and new stage of BMTH.

Unlike the past, this time Oli totally gets rid of growling and screamo. Perhaps it is because his voice is not allowed him to do so, as we can listen to his voice is really hoarse. Besides, as their style change into more melodic, electronic, growling and screamo would not be the main singing style for it. Also, the electronic stuff are not so as many as like last album. It is more dark, post-hardcore album than last time.

Also, the songs are much more melodic than before, the song “Throne” definitely can show it. I thought it was Linkin Park at the first listening. Because it is really unlike the old BMTH, and even this one is the most melodic, pop song among all of the songs in this album. But overall, the style of this album is really consistent.

As for the lyrics and theme, this time is more dark and depressed. And the lyric is quite easily understood and straightforward. For example, the chorus in “Doomed”, wrote :

“So come rain on my paradeCause I want to feel itCome shove me over the edgeCause my head is in overdriveI’m sorry but it’s too lateAnd it’s not worth savingSo come rain on my paradeI think we’re doomedI think we’re doomedAnd now there’s no way back“

It completely shows the when someone are in depressed. The words, such as late, overdrive and rain both are negative word, which can stress and brings out the depression. Therefore, when we read the lyrics, you can easily feel the dark, sad and depressed atmosphere.  Undoubtedly, the lyrics can match and bring out the theme of this album this time. It is quite a good work.

This time change is quite successful as the reviews from others magazine and website, like Rock Sound, are overwhelmingly high and positive. However, although their style changed successfully, not many old fans are happily with it. Since this is a huge different from the past, especially who love their first and second album. Hence, I would say if you are a fan of deathcore, you won’t like this album; but if you are a fan of post-hardcore, this album could be fit for you.