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music is music; guilty is guilty

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I do not know how many people still know there was a band, called "Lostprophets". Since the front man - Ian Watkins was found guilty of child rape, the band was dismissed 2 years ago. I am so lucky I could watch their live 9 years ago once as I am from Hong Kong. However, personally, their songs are still worth to be known.

One of my favourite song is "Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)". This is a typical pop rock song. But it really has their own style on it like they did before. With a quick but strong rhythm, you can find that it is really attractive and memorable. That'€™s why this is one of their popular song.

Apart from the melody, the lyrics is also meaningful. This song is about living a life with no regrets. It is really easily to understand because of the lyrics. One of the remarkable lyric should be "€œEverybody scream your heart out"€. It really stand out from the songs because firstly, it is repeated many times, and secondly, it really matches with the melody. When the song comes to that part, it is really encourage.

Despite the guilty of Ian Watkins, Lostprophets was really talented. As for me, it is pretty sad that they are dismissed. At least from their first album "Thefakesoundofprogress"€ to the last album "€œWeapons"€, all of them have its wow factors to the fans.

And now, the rest of the memebers are in the new band called "No Devotion", actively last year, formed by Geoff Rickly who is from the band named "Thursday". However, it is in a new style rather stay as Lostprophets' style. But it is still a good band and they will release their first album on 25 Sept 15. Stay tuned!