Bob Weir
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It continues: Grateful Dead and John Mayer to play MSG

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Thought the music was over? Oh no, these boys will keep playing till the end of time. Sure the Grateful Dead just finished up their Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago, but that was the Grateful Dead. The members will continue exploring their musical limits. 

It has just been announced that Grateful Dead Core members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzman, will join up with superstar John Mayer, Allman Brothers Basist Oteil Burbridge, and keybordist Jeff Chimenti. There have been rumors circulating about members of the Core 4 playing without Phil since the end of Fare Thee Well. 

The Group is to be called Dead & Company and they will be playing a Halloween show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. The pairing of Mayer and the Dead may seem unusual, but the rumor mill has been running for about a year as Mayer and Weir have been seen together on numerous occasion. They played together on the Late Show (video), hung out at Coachella with Elon Musk, and practiced at Weir's TRI studios. 

I so excited about this announcement and I anticipate more tour dates being realeased soon, these boys just cannot stop playing. I think Mayer is a very talented musician and will take to the music well. 

Tickets go on sale August 14th