Rhett May
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Rockstar Rhett May Is A Perfect Fit For The Modern Day Fans Of Classic Rock

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Rockstar Rhett May is a perfect fit for the modern day fans of classic rock! With experience and influences spanning the world from India to western civilization, Rhett May will make you an instant and ardent fan of Classic Rock with his very singular twist on the genre. His talent as a songwriter is unparalleled, with lyrics and music that match each other so flawlessly that they blend together into a perfect mix! He manages to discuss his life, his world views and his stance on drugs in a way that doesn’t make you feel like an artist is imposing upon you. It’s quite refreshing! You can check out the music video for his anti-drug anthem “The Violence of Ice” on Youtube.

Rhett May is definitely an artist you should pay attention to. To stay up to date with Rhett check out his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation and his Official Website www.RhettMay.com.