Bob Weir
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Bob Weir New Album of Cowboy Songs

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Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead has just announced a new project of "Cowboy Songs" he is working on! Weir is collaberating on the album with well known musicians such as Josh Ritter, Josh Kaufman of the Yellowbirds, Scott Devendorf of the National, and well known friend of Bob Weir Joe Russo. It is said that it is mostly new songs written by the group, but Weir is also bringing in the help of longtime friend and Grateful Dead lyrcist John Barlow. This is a very exciting project with a dyamic group of musicians spanning many generes. Who can complain about new music? I am eager to see more from the group and to continue to witness the legend of Bob Weir. 

For those of you who do not know Bob Weir is well known for playing "cowboy" songs with the Grateful Dead. These includes classics like "Me and My Uncle", "El Paso", and "Mexicali Blues". These songs are characterized by a southern and spanish flair while emphasizing the telling of a story. I hope Weir plays a prominent role on the album and is able to show he can still produce powerful new songs. Stay tuned for more information on the project.