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Single Review: Polterguy

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Native Miami rockers, Sunghosts, have proven themselves worthy of the local attention they have received with anthemic hook-filled tunes like “Til the City Goes Under” and their hyper-active onstage characters. These incredibly active personalities that each member of the band possesses are at the root of who Sunghosts are and what their music is about. The light-heartedness and fun that their music, performances, and smiles emit is reminiscent of the dream that all of us had as kids to be rocking out onstage, and this idea of innocence is central in their music as well; their music seems to intangibly promote a sense of innocent fun without restrictions.  With their new single “Polterguy” it seems that Sunghosts have not only further honed in on their ghostly aesthetic, but also incorporated new musical elements that take their sound away from innocent fun, towards a heavier garage-rock setting. The delayed and synth-dressed guitars catch the listener’s attention from the start, and immediately set the tone for “Polterguy”, an endeavor with more teeth and bite than any of Sunghosts previous music. The guitars proceed to move into a more straightforward rock ‘chugging’ technique while the lead guitarist noodles around, chopping the sound up every once in a while, while also exploring expansively pentatonic melodies at other points in the song. This eclectic combination of lead guitar techniques paints a funny picture of Tom Morello running the effects chain on psychedelic-era George Harrison fiddling around on his signature Grestch. The production on this track certainly mirrors the newfound boldness, grit, and garage influenced sound that the ‘Ghosts have developed. The pumping drums are a great improvement from their past release, this time having a more humanistic, ‘live room’ sound to them in both recording quality and in how they fit in with the rest of the instruments, a switch that brings the band away from the bedroom recorded Logic-replaced quantized drums, into a more professional and enchanting sound that better suits the aesthetic they seem to be trying to portray. Furthermore, the processed vocals on this track are a perfect match for Nik Balseiro’s charismatic performance. The production on the track not only brings out the best in their instrumental performances, but finally will allow listeners to understand, perhaps, what Sunghosts are about. This accomplishment attributed to two-time Grammy-winning producer Joel Someillan at Cutting Cane Studios in Davie, Florida, where their full length album is currently being produced, not to take any credit away from the ‘Ghosts themselves, of course, who are the ones that bring that magical, intangible, charisma to the table that can only leave listeners thirsty for more sun-drenched garage rock. 


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