Charlie Puth
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In danger with Charlie Puth

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Did you know that singing is all about controlling your breathing? If you’re really good at controlling your breathing, which you could expect from a good singer, you can sing into a mirror without fogging up that mirror.  When watching Charlie Puth’s video for ”Dangerously”, I was reminded of this.

Charlie’s version of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches” video is showing mirror shots and he’s got a few moments where he shows off this theory above. Of course, when lip syncing you’re also not fogging up the mirror….

During the video, Charlie is also attacked by arrows and shattered glass, but what else could you expect from video for a heartbreak song? Love is a battlefield.

I have a weak for Charlie’s music ever since I heard “Marvin Gaye”. So far, I’ve not heard any track of his that has disappointed. With this, I mean the music he’s created since he became a pop star. You see, Charlie released some crap stuff on video while he was a YouTube vlogger. Back then, he was experimenting with some electronic ironic stuff, but now he’s got a serious sound. A sound that’s got a great reference to classic soul music combined with pop, and I just happened to like both, a lot.

 “Dangerously” is no different. It’s a very catchy song with the oh so trendy high “ooooh” that you hear everywhere, these days. I’m not the only one liking his song, because for some reason, Charlie’s hits always have the strength to become hits for a very long time. Elsewhere, “Dangerously” has actually been out for a while, but I just recently heard it for the first time. The Netherlands skipped a single because “We Don’t Talk Anymore” has only just finished being popular.

Despite Charlie’s sustainable sound, I have to admit that I do tend to forget his songs quite quickly once they fall out of rotation on the radio or Spotify playlists with the recent global hits. As much as I like his tracks, I actually never play them for myself, which means he’s constantly falling off my radar. Luckily, I can always count on something new coming, because he is very productive.


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