Rico Love
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May reservations under the name of Love

Artist reviewed by:

The year, unwillingly crawling behind our back left so much tasteful surprises when we recall all the music numbers from all those art hot lines... With the last piece of cake in our hands, we enter the ballroom of celebrating her first Birthday, simultaneously highlighting the brightest moments, that way giving her the respectful ending she doubtlessly deserves. Just when the May takes on it`s wildest nature, he was prepared to spring us with his best work of art so far... But when you talk about this male figure and his exceptional talent, you cannot just jump to his latest project, his first studio album one, because his essence lies in his early writings and his strongest talent side.... Pen and paper.

When mentioning a romantic gangster soul of Richard Preston Butler Jr aka Rico Love, you have to point out to the starting line first. But not to get way off the theme here, it is still crucial to mention why I gave him the highlighted page of May on the 2015`s year calendar, and why not only that, but the easy spot on the throne of the whole R`n`B year... This naturally skilled gentlemen and his soul expressions, on paper and mic, are every of my soul`s candy sweets pleasure... He signs and co-owns the very best creations that touched my emotions deeply as they did for the millions of others, regardless their music affiliation. I am simply astonished by his versatile inner response of his feelings, his pure affection towards musicality and strive to make a unique asseveration in a form of a written or sound letter... Love`s artistic dissertation expands in a form of harmonious entity of excruciating pleasures like "There Goes My Baby" (Usher), "Gone" (Nelly), "Sweet Dreams" and "Radio" (Bey), "Energy" (Ms Keri baby), "Boyfriend No.2" (Pleasure P), "Thinkin` About You" (Mario), "Hello, Good Morning" (P Diddy), "Dilemma" (Nelly and Kelly)... And these are only the ones that fit best to my senses... There`s really not much to say to righteously cover the powerful monumental phenomenon Rico has elegantly incorporated.

And still after having prepared the first studio piece, "The 5th Element", his love for writing has pushed him to the decision to drop the work on 2007 publication and put all focus on written verses and chorus. And not until 2013 and 2014 did he finally turned to himself, dropping two mixtapes and an EP ("Discrete Luxury", "El Presidente" and "I Sin") that peaked in fans interest immediately, followed by his most precious accomplishment so far, the "Turn The Lights On" (TTLO) album craft. 

Rico`s creations in "TTLO" revolving around his sentimental swaggy character, describe his passional and extravagant life, his cultural behavior as well as his family manners and the sensibility in expressing his feelings and romantic sexy gestures. The smell of sex in the air is not misused in a typical way, but au contraire, it`s shown with deep caring emotions as it should be... The lit fire in the atmosphere introduces Love`s basic instinct and paints an unforgettable impression on a listeners template. The 12 audio units package, "Turn The Lights On" gem is embedded with the finest parts of instrumental material, conjoined exactly on Rico`s every spike of emotional disturbance. Reverbing riffs, interlaced with booming fat bottoms and crispy hisses, intriguing transitions, overall sweet tonal balance and reminiscing guitar slides, open up a whole Wonderland of beautifully breaded forms of musicology and sounding constellations, singing in a multi-dimensional colorful language of passion and fiercely beating heart of love. 

My heart was melted in seconds with what seemed to be my personal anthem jam "Happy Birthday", an intimate, yet dirty bad boy charm, that Rico also turned into a music video later, and second best "Bad Attitude", wiggling with the similar energy bump, but the rest of the album is just an extended holiday gift from God himself. This is sooo beyond a superstar level. And joining me in this session, you can conjure the conclusion of aromatic presence of Ricophilliac anxiety compelling your spirit completely. The core emotions and factualisation of actual elements of structural complexity of human existence is widely spread across the full surface of this flash lighting bloom of euphonious design.    

The strength within the whole project demonstrated Rico`s abnormal ability of creative implementation, of express capability to unpretentiously pull the plug on fictive reality and to electrify the general public by destroying the usual perception on things and work flow. Impulsive clips of sassiness and facetious insinuations lengthen the adorable persona of author, snapping the element of time in front of us, until we find ourselves faded in anti-gravitational state of mind, shifting through labels of collaborative physiological endorsement. So, when your dark side shows on the luminous part of the life, even if it is just for a split second, take my word and keep the vision up and clear the tunnel by turning the lights on...