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About to reclaim your throne, Queen Bee?

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Beyoncé’s last album stems from 2013. Dropped by surprise, accompanied by videos for each track, it was something the world had never seen. She then took the album on the road until March 2014. This year it’s been rather quiet around Beyoncé, musically anyway.


She’s done a few headlining performances and she’s provided vocals for Naughty Boy and Coldplay. She’s rumored to have worked on Rihanna’s new album, but normally speaking it’s not that farfetched to think it might be time for a new album of her own by now, based on her 2 to 3 year album drops so far.


However, the latest reports cite that she’s very focused on her second career. Beyoncé apparently has been taking acting classes to become a better actress. The singer’s already been in several movies, but now wants to prepare herself for more dramatic parts.


It's not surprising Beyoncé might want to explore something other than music. She’s been in the music business since age 7, according to the latest video that has resurfaced:



Anyway, with Beyoncé you just never know what’s really going on. Even though there are no reports about collaborations for a new album, it doesn’t mean that nothing’s in the works.

Recently, Sia has been speaking out about what it’s like songwriting for other artists and casually mentioned that she offered material to Beyoncé, but that’s about the only time someone indicated that new Beyoncé music might be coming.


PopCrush discovered that Beyoncé might actually be shooting videos in New Orleans, starting next week. Because dancers are being casted, it is assumed these videos will be new music videos. So, will Queen Bee surprise us again?

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