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Landing back with Jealous : Auburn

Artist reviewed by:

Been wondering about where this girl disappeared. Such a great talent and passion in her voice, the "Same Girl" creator, adorable Auburn returns with a gentle RnB ballad "Jealous", to tell us about her new feelings about her ex- boy. In a slow jam wave, Auburn explained the jealous reactions of her man, and how she sees through them all. In the repeated post-hook "boy I know you`re jealous", she clearly states her awareness. 

Starting the scene with: "It`s five o`clock in the morning, lights low and I`m zonin, I gotta text on my phone and it`s from you. Sayin how you miss me and how it`s been so different, cuz lately I`ve been distant from you...", she then continues the argue of misunderstanding her actions by the boy and her not understanding his ways of acting out. In the second part, there is some tension between the two and their situations with current parthenrs, but I`m gonna let you re-live it in this beautiful piece of music dear Auburn has created for us.


I love her style, love every of her published work so far, and besides this hit single, you should also check the last years drops for the long awaited and talked about album "Cocoon", which was due to be out in the fall last year, but obviously was pushed back for some unknown reason and we still don`t know the definite release date, but we hope for her to have much better luck next year, because this year is almost over. 


But first, show some support by purchasing the 0,99$ per song that is made of countless hours of hard work and pure emotions spill that you can now relate to or ease your pain or just enjoy endlessly in, and not to even mention the expensive time that takes all that to happen and to be made. So push those iTunes buttons and fade-in to the masters of art by excruciatingly charming Auburn.