Holiday Of Love
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Simply Well Done

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Who doesn't want a holiday of love?

Everyone wants a holiday and if it is one filled with love, I think everyone would want that. But what if we meant a Christmas album by Filipino R&B top artist, Jay R? I say when they have listened to the album, they would want it, too.

To my knowledge, no Filipino artist has tried what Jay R has done in this album. He worked on some of our beloved Christmas standards giving them a unique sound. In other words, you hear them sang the R & B way as well as jazzy cool in some parts. And they are really good. I want to pinch myself for knowing about this album just now, a good 7 years since it was first released. 

It is amazing that Jay R himself did all that needs to be done in coming up with this album. He produced, arranged, mixed, mastered -- he even worked on the album's lay out and art concept. And of course, he sang in it, too.

Jay R has said in interviews that his inspiration for this album is his late Uncle Reny and he has one song in this album written for him, Tito Reny. Now some listeners might question why include a song for a departed loved one on a Christmas album which is supposed to contain all the jolly songs there are for the season. I would say, coming from a daughter whose parents have already passed away -- why not? We don't forget the ones we love, especially during Christmas time. On the contrary, we remember them and we appreciate how much they had poured into our lives when they were still with us. Remembering them isn't always a sad affair. It also means recognizing their place in our lives, celebrating them -- celebrating their memory. 

Aside from the original Tito Reny, there are also a couple of cool, original compositions here: This Christmas where Jay R sings with Kris Lawrence and Spread the Love where Jay R sings with his sister Jhing. Other than these original pieces, my favorite tunes in this album are: , and -- all three tunes sound so fresh in this album.  

Overall, this is one Christmas album I would say you'll love having this Christmas time. It is simply well done.