Erykah Badu
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If you missed the Soul Train

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Another Soul Tour is behind us and another soulful presentation passed with flying colors. If you got too late to the station, you will have to wait until December 17th for the next one to come, to enjoy it`s heavenly ride. Our engineer the real Soul sista, Ms Erykah Badu aka Dj Lo Down Loretta Brown behind driving decks, made sure everyone stays safe and had a mesmerizing journey through this years edition of majestic "Soul Train Awards".

Erykah Badu

Taking us right into the heart of her originality and creativity, with smashing first time ever RnB Cypher, proving that singing bars can also add to the freestyle dopneness of the artist`s imagination, to the humorous pre-show act and the turn-up performance, reflecting her never ending versatility and consistancy in her personal art.

And to talk about the number of famous footprints on the red carpet.... It`s a real life fairy tale... Lead by our girl Ta`Rhonda Jones, she kept our eyes red from starring at all those great music veterans, the already established superstar talents and them fresh screen faces, working out the lovely introduction warm-up prior to the main show. Since you will probably make it for that Dec. 17th train, I will not reveal too much of the details, so your curiosity stays untouched, but I will make a tiny highlight repport on the yesterdays giant evening soul event. Many mesmerizing artists like multiple-red-carpet-mouth-honored legend Babyface, Boys II Men, After 7, R.Kelly, Tyrese straight over to them ladies like Jill Scott who got praised by comparrison to the Aretha Franklin of today by one of them famous names among interviewed musicians, then Fantasia, Brandy, Erica Campbell, Jazmine Sullivan and others who created a fantastic atmosphere on live stage contributed considerably to the Soul Train soul upturn and evolvent and the whole idea of this big sub-culture, that can be easily checked as the whole new culture on it`s self. But our hostess had yet something to say and it marked the impressum of the sunday night in Las Vegas. But as I promissed, no spoilers today, so get that patience settled in the waiting room. 

Soul Train Red Carpet

But so far as I`m concerned, there is a lot of Uptown Funking Alright! Of course as you know, all the video highlights are on the official BET and Centric Tv, as the list of winners for those who can`t wait for the next R`n`B rush, as for the rest, my review wraps up here. Enjoy the candids stay ready. 


Erykah Badu