Talay Riley
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Meet Talay Riley via Meltdown

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Talay Riley

25-year-old singer/songwriter from Nigerian/British descent, an Island Records signee, Talay Riley is maybe mostly known for his writing skills for the names like Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea, Trey Songz, Usher, Chris Brown and the list just goes on... But this talented vocalist began his Mic sessions since the early age of 4, singing at home with the older brother and sister. Influenced by the great legends like Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder and James Brown, Riley grown up to become just one of the most quality vocals of today.


But his glory of course didn`t started with this dope single just released, he scooped a fair amount of credits with his first co-written hit "Oopsy Daisy", made for and with Chipmunk. And not long after, he also shared a voice with the same artist, appearing on his single "Look For Me". Now this single we are listening and reviewing, is not an acidental drop off. After just freshly signed deal with Island, in October this year, like a bit more than one month behind from now, the team cooked for us with big golden cutlery or should I say goldware. 

The silky electric  POP/R`n`B jam "Meltdown", with Talay`s featherly chords brought the warm dash of this fall`s air into our home audio systems, with schooled Pop drums and new edition electronic synths, it is just the thing we were missing in a new fire departement. Another great step in wonderfully matched voice sampling at the end of the chorus, adding that wider picture, making the hook more interesting and not standardly repeated like. 

Very high level of emotionally fiered up shots towards love, this gentleman deserves the same level of high praise for this piece also. And with the high amount of this melting drops, the next best thing is right around that nearest corner...