Bahja Rodriguez
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Bahja Rodriguez Debut EP: It Gets Better

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They compare her music to the greatest one, Alliyah, and although her music is soulful lovely, tender and downtempo, to me, it`s really the opposite. I mean, by the originality in style and talent, there`s no mistake there, but this young girl Bahja (pronouncing Bae-juh), has something really unique in her voice and something exhaling with new, a fresh breath of Rodriguez mints. It`s completely new school, and when you say new school, there`s no more guessing, everyone knows it`s that slick R`n`Bass balm, you rub gently to your soul. 


Not so many info to grab on the internet about this chica, except she is from ATL (Atlanta, Ga), and she is a former member of the famous girl group "OMG Girlz", which got their attention by remixing Soulja Boy`s jam "Pretty Boy Swag". This girl is only 19, and has got the internet going crazy, starting her magic burst with singles like "Jealous Type" on May, and July`s "Lipstick", for which she also did a music video, released on her B-Day, August 2nd, followed by third single "Next One",all this year. 

And yesterday finally, she officially released her debut EP "It Gets Better", available for stream on Spotify, and purchse on iTunes offcourse. After album stream, I can say it has a lot of potentioal and high quality, it`s all around R`n`Bass project, with catchy sub bass lines, 808 kick and snares, and Bahja`s sassy voice, so if you`re down for a slow sexy ride on this dope sub-genre, then you should definitely support and watch out for Bahja Rodriguez.  

iTunes release is on this link: