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Lasting Just Like Love

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Because this month couldn't end without me being thankful to have celebrated one more year of wedded bliss, I am taking time to commend one of the best songs that K-Ci & Jojo have come up with. All My Life was one of the songs that my husband and I have chosen to be performed during our wedding. 

I have not always been a fan of R&B but I have to give it up for this duo for a song that has both good melody and lyrics. I say that because while there are tunes that sound great, they could have shallow lyrics (sometimes, even meaningless ones). At times, they might also have great lyrics but well the music that comes with it is not as pleasant to the ears. Okay, at least to my ears since we could have different musical tastes.

While the song first came out in 1997 in their Love Always album and released physically in 1998 , it doesn't sound dated to me. And I think that is how it goes with R&B music. The more I have had time to listen and appreciate it, the more I would say that it is the kind of music (like jazz) that would seem ageless. In fact, had I not done a little research, I and even some of my much younger friends have not been able to tell how old this song has been. We thought this was not part of the '90s music. 

I think the over-all concept of the video is great. It shows not only the duo performing to an audience but also shows snippets of love in action (mother and child scenes as well as father and child spending time together, a person giving food to the homeless, a couple kissing, etc). The scenes support the story of the song, giving a wholeness feel to it. It's like a story that's been ably written or told, with no parts missing.

Perhaps because the song is all about love, which is perennial and lasting itself, minus its sad tales of loss and loneliness common to so many love songs, it is no surprise then that this is one tune that would remain the duo's timeless tune for all time.