Niykee Heaton
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R`n`Bass sub-genre is the best thing ever that happened to the Hip Hop culture since massive Trap infection, two things that brought a huge shifting gear to the evolution of modern black music, an already rapidly self-developing enigma. But, today`s "Best Thing Ever" comes from highly respected and talented young 20-year-old singer/songwriter Niykee Heaton, who so far never dissapointed with her project services and who gently keeps swinging between the rocking pins of Pop and R`n`B ties, and successfully picks up them highest praises for it.

This girl is another one of them soulful creatures that feed on personal inspirations and nothing but pure true emotions. With grueling and thorny paths of past, she managed to stay her deepest self and use these moments and memories to make her own interminable imprint, besides the known fact that the more independent you get in the music industry, the harder the hustle, but you cannot trick fans and listeners. 

Neither did she tried to, matter of fact, she achieved just the opposite. After her viral run of the first EP "Bad Intentions", South African descent, two weeks prior to her 21st B-day, delivered another smash R`n`Bass hit for the clubs and waved the flag of notice just to remind she is still here in big style. The jam emerged 2 hours ago and it`s a instant glue to the ears, and a sertified anthem material. 

Bad Intentions

With only the best hopes for this young lady, and to get that debut album fixed on a plate for us soon, enjoy in Niykee`s "Best Thing Ever".