Chrisette Michele
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Steady with Chrisette Michele

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We forgot about her angelic vocal chords, about her passionate soul, and we surely forgot how street ready can this girl be. Short hair is down and Chrisette Michele, a veteran among them Rnb voices, is now showing her ability to cross over and blend in the breezes of RnBass storm, the singer collapsed every doubt of misread and crowned herself righteously as the Queen of NY. Grammy owner with a personal label Rich Hipster, won this card game in big style.

Freshly baked Fatty Wap-Trap Queen re-do, (yes, my ears can`t be tricked), and a Destiny`s Child meet Mila J turn up, the Steady jam fits well to the new Chrisette look and a positive change is always welcomed here. With her fifth studio album Milestone on a way, we can only hope for the best upshot of Ms Michele`s love war. 

Chrisette Michele