For The Dreamers
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Kay Cola officially vid penned down The Youth

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Yes, she is born songwriter. Also, yes, she is another one that nailed down the singing part too. Blessings keep on coming as we approach the end of this extraordinary music year. And we can`t just say goodbye to 2015, without mentioning the musical geniuses like our girl Kay Cola here. Maybe unfamilliar to some, but highly respected in R`n`Bass world, Ms Cola is in the big game home for a while, writing for them biggies like Dr. Dre and Em, The Game and Ne-Yo himself, and finally her time has come, so she used it in the best possible way, opening her singing career. Now, what first was planned was the dropping of her debut on January this year, project called "Lucid Dreams". Man, not only did she hit my soft soul spot with the album`s name, but my interest in exploring lucid dreams just got the slickest music background yet... 

But, unfortunatelly, the album was moved and waiting time transformed into a wonderful Mixtape "For The Dreamers", released on July 21st, available for free and also a download on iTunes if you wanna support Kay, but pre-introduced with even three Mixtapes, "REM-The Prequel", "Seven" and "The Fifth Element"... "For The Dreamers" contains 11 songs, among which are hot singles like "Have 2 Call" featuring Iamsu and Kool John, and after another successful jam "The Youth", representing them truly and most impressively, Cola decided to pinch the video too and again, check that success box just fine. As for the "Lucid Dreams", don`t worry, the spring release is declared, but still is left to be touched down by publishers hands for a final whistle. 

Joining talents with another amazing vocal gem and coeval colleague of mine, Kreesha Turner, with a male rap support by Jon Famous, Team Cola killed the swag in this Youth battle. In All Black Everything rock-a-wear appeariance, they smoked up the raw hood walls and city streets, making a strong statement, with a Jamacan tags of Kreesh and a silver masked face mug impression of Famous, it`s so easy to get into the twerk and impress the crowd. Because this guys completely deserved the celebration. Salute! 


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