Erykah Badu
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Roll Call from Erykah Badu

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Phoneversations are up in the air, fully connected as Erykah freshly motivated goes for another successful art project. After getting madly hooked to Drake`s "Hotline bling" banger, Badu got her mojo going to the turn up side all the way, proving she also rules the new school domain, effortlessly grinding in R`n`Bass swag rhythms. Fly wings are spread, and after the dope interpretation of Hotline, comes another single from the highly enticipated mixtape "But You Can`t Use My Phone", where songstress explains the propper use of technology in a modern IT world, especially when love in friendly and romantic relationship both, comes to question. Erykah will make you answer that call clearly without any electronical device and expectedly not only with this "Phone Down" single. In a repetedly accented hook, Erykah makes sure you copy this message.

This is a real mindblowing on spot decision for Ms Badu and a proof she is very versatile and extremely flexible artist, that can turn around the game without loosing her team color. Great play, right message at the perfect time and you only need one speed dial button for this ring. Press it and have a blast, until "BYCUMP" drops on Thanksgiving, about two weeks from now.