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Justine Skye`s Official Video for I`m Yours

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This 20-year-old diamond of a female vocalist has become one of my heavy addictions over the last few months, and I am very unpleasently picky, and a hard one to please when music quality comes to question. And that`s why I love when someone like Justine pops up and catch you by suprise, just so she could keep you going while frenzy feeling takes over your locoEmotion wagon. 

This kind of calibre needs only one shooting to make it`s point, one chance only to create an impression of eternal success, so you never ever have to doubt about the future shots at all, since your experience lets your recognition aprehend the talent much faster and create a vivid database of high level knowlege, so you can see the upfront enigma before it even happens. It` something so much more than just pure talent and learning, it`s just that individual original way of presenting the art from the inside of one self, and that is the one thing that is singling out those kind of art souls and the reason why their glow stays lit up longer than others.

One of my favorite personal soulfood jams of her dazed EP "Emotionally Unavailable", is this single right here, "I`m Yours", a confessional love story, with a hyper-dope instrumental by impeccable The Insomniaks, that I just can`t get out of my vains and can`t stop singing in my head and out of it. The anthem now has the official video produced also, and it`s made in a karaoke chillout with friends type, in a facetioulsy picked up atmosphere, for an everyday amuzement.

I`m Yours Cover

Available at Apple Music only for now, grab your mouse and surf up to it, to light that mood up.