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Official video out! JoJo Say Love

Artist reviewed by:

It may seem like I`m writing in circles, but I just couldn`t skip the brand new video from our injured and fully recovered soul woman JoJo. It also may not seem like a happy fit and luck for her, but judging by her music, no matter the mood of the day, or of the part of her current state in life, her musical soul never made any mistake. I can boldly compare her to the biggest of them all, the one and only Aaliyah baby girl, because it`s the same level of energy, the same weight of a spirit and I really cannot see any dark spot when creation comes up in the air. 


Speaking for theirself, latest date projects like #LoveJo, and just recently released triangle III, confirm more than words can describe, more than ears can recieve and more then feelings can process. The third studio album will show a full growth of miss JoJo both personal and artistically, if those two can even be separated. Her triangle brought three gigantic soulfood singles, so powerful, that they completely reconstructed the EP into a LP, because you just keep pushing the same three play buttons and every time it feels like a brand new song to explore. I was really hoping for "Saving My Soul" gigant to be screened, but I am just equally amazed for seeing "Say Love" and don`t know about you guys, but my given time only should give at least 50% video views boost on YouTube. Just to be noted. 


Don`t hold your breath, admit you love JoJo (and not to mention the guy in the video ladies), and commence your days with three simple III.