Kelly Rowland
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Kelly Gets Back WIth Dumb

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It's a great time to be a Kelly Rowland and Destiny's Child fan, because Kelly has just dropped a new single called "Dumb" and it is rad to say the very least. The song is fresh out of the production oven and there's hope that this might get a major opening and a massive release from the house of Rowland.

So Kelly has been off the radar for a while and it was about time we heard something new from her, and “Dumb” seems to be the perfect offering to make up for that. The song has a very refreshing sound indeed, and yet it is reminiscent of the old school Destiny’s Child music. It is pregnant with R&B style vocals and gangsta beats. Kelly shines all through and her vocals are top notch as ever.

The song goes through several changes and incorporates vocal harmonies in the best possible way to keep the rhythm moving. Now all we got to do is wait for the video to see what kind of response it gets from the listeners. It borders on the experimental side so there seems to be a divided view already. Anyway, though not quite like Queen Bey, but this time Kelly Rowland might be the DC girl to shine. Hear lend an ear to “Dumb”.