Mickey Shiloh
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Romance to kill with: Jason & Freddy by Mickey Shiloh

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Songwriters are like producers, and we all know that real producers are guys behind the scenes, the backstage magicians without whom no project would have a base to rise from, a house without foundation, a body without skeleton, a mic without words. Yes there is a great amount of artists who are wonderful singers, and Rappers-first producers, but we all know what that first means.. It is there for a reason, and a pretty damn good one. These people bring such a special energy and such a distinctive taste, that you can almost feel it in the air, hell you can even compare it with others that don`t have that first in their professional description when deciding between songwriter and producer fight play.

But songwriters, like the producers, can in other hand be songwriter/singer and producer/singer/rappper without losing that essential sparkle. More enough, they develop much better and faster and complete themselves by doing both. It`s like they have all the specs delivered right to their hands and they understand the energy emission so well. Lyrica Anderson and Rock City are the most influential examples of that. 


So now, after you have been propperly introduced with both, it`s time to remind some and upgrade others on the next already big enough star, but maybe more unknown for her much known hits like "Evacuate My Heart" by  Shontelle, "Just A Friend" by Jasmine V, "RockAByeBaby" and "Turn Up" by Cassie, "Burn Slow" by  Whiz Khalifa and "Night" by Janet Jackson. Oh yes, that was all her in the paper screenplay. 23-year-old Mickey Shiloh, lyrical boss lady, signed to my producer idol Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, stepped up fresh with the latest single, a banging RnBass hymn, that will keep your neck sore from all the turning up.... And if you know Mr. Darkchild`s work, the energy is just the same on impact with Mickey.


The Halloween ready romantic duet with ravishing male vocal Chishan and producer J Maine, called "Jason and Freddy" awaken just what we needed... The love confessions spilled right on the raw surface, Michaela explained that she`s ok with casual dating and nothing deeper than that, but if some feelings are cought in a way, you better watch out, because she`s all the way down for it and will fight like crazy. So "be ready, cuz I`m gon drive you crazy, we gon be like Jason and Freddy, so crazy in love, we gon wanna kill each other". 


Before I spill it all out, come join me in amusement and check out Mickey and Chrishan`s this year`s without a doubt on point Halloween jam.  Peace.