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Usher holds us tight with Chains

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R`n`B veteran Usher is packing up with some heavy machinery, shooting the strong political life massage, reflecting on the unarmed victims of the multiple shooting events that occured these last couple of months in America, making it a very dark period of time for her people. And who better to recruit for keeping the strenght of the message then the Rap`s one and only preacher, Nas. Representing the voice of the women, with Jamacan Rihanna swag in thin vocal chord pitching, is our most resent star, RiRi`s "BBHMM" originator, Miss Bibi Bourelly herself. 


Bibi Bourelly

What Usher did here is not just maintaining the expectations of most by using the real life cause and stories to sell his art, but he did just the opposite, by demolishing that same expectations in creating the method called "Don`t Look Away" in parthnership with Tidal, where every visitor who wants to hear the song must aim his vision on the pictures of the victims that will be displaying on the screen while song plays on, and if at any moment they look away, the song literally stops. Of course the only condition for any listener is to have a Google Chrome or Firefox and  a working web camera which is mostly the case with everyone these days. 


Chains on Tidal

This is the smartest, biggest thing any artist could do, a huge step towards actual action and dear Usher hit the right button at the right moment we hope so. It is time not just for America, but for we humans to lift our heads up and act with our hearts first, cuz at the end that`s all we got..... One another. 


Please go spread the message starting from here:


And check the Tidal`s version here:

Thank you.

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