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Shawn Desman as our Obsession

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The temperature is extremely hot on the art market these days and months, our ears are melting again and not just of the sexy, and sassy moves by the sugarly coated vocalist and all around entertainer, Shawn Desman, but also because this man cooks more than ordinary music magic. With four studio albums firmly holding his superb background with multiple award winners, his fifth imposing element of fabrication will be another pounding wonder to bare with divine pleasure.

After first Shawn`s obsession singled "Victoria", and the second obsessed theme flaming the crowd nowdays, the newcomer album cannot be expected to be nothing less than a not so simple to cope... Well you guessed it, "Obsession". Equaly named single is already converted into an official video, exclusively premiered yesterday on Shawn`s Youtube VEVO channel, shows exactly what Mr. Desman announced: a new, mature version of himslef. Maturity through, lyrics, passion, emotions, experience and after teasing the name of a third single to be released before the album, the "Echo" will without a doubt be reflecting frantically out of our booming systems and bedroom walls in no time.


Shawn Desman shine


For so many little people knowing about Shawn Desman`s background, and as he desiredly tries to share among friends and fans, having a solid Portuguese descent, it is of much importance to be noted that he started singing at the age of 9 and brought upon five Portuguese albums, before creating the Shawn Desman phenomenon. He is really bringing a lot to the table and continues to get blessed by success undeniably completely deserved, so amazement for this pro-active creator never stops. 

Until new single and album fever strickes, take a look at the official "Obsession" video and bask in Shawn`s world of intrigue. 


Shawn Desman Obsession video scene


Watch official video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2gp13THSVE