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T R A P S O U L: The Artist and The Wave

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The Artist: Bryson Tiller

If for some reason you spent your Summer living under a rock, or admittedly a huge Donald Trump supporter, then i have no reason to blame you for not knowing what the Bryson Tiller hype is all about. If that happens to be you, please take my advice and pay very close attention to this emerging artist --he is next up. As we have seen happen in the recent past, up-and-coming artists have been able to gain widespread recognition by accumulating hits on sites like Youtube and Soundcloud. Bryson Tiller, with over 150K followers and about 26 Million plays on his first single, "Don't", has been on the profiting end of this contemporary come-up. While acquiring the support of mainstream artists like Drake, and Timbaland early on, Tiller was able to transform from a cult-following to an established artist seemingly overnight.

There is an apparent trend and gravitation towards melody-heavy-hits cultivated by artists like Young Thug, and Future, and the recent success of songs like White Iverson, that only reinforce my strong opinion --Bryson Tiller is the future of music. Emerging from this prospering platform, he has been able to draw comparisons to arguably some of the most popular artists today like Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and the Weeknd. Since his debut studio album, T R A P S O U L, released on October 2nd (through RCA), all eyes have been on the young musician from Louisville, Kentucky, and the "502 Come Up".


The Wave: T R A P S O U L

Simply put, "Pen Griffey" (Bryson Tiller's pseudonym), knocks it out the park and doesn't look back.        T R A P S O U L, warrants co-sign's from celebrities all over the United States, including: Kehlani, Leon Bridges, Trey Songz, and Rambo himself, Sylvester Stallone.

The album --from start to finish --fluidly progresses while donning a very distinct sound and mood, without being one-dimensional or repetitive. As the album continues to move forward, it builds like one huge wave that you can listen to in its entirety without a single hiccup. Tiller spends most of the tracklist flowing over the plight of a lost love, inviting the listener to vicariously live through his struggles of pleading for a second chance. Like water, Bryson Tiller fluctuates between crooning singer and proven rapper, lending us a familiar and genuine voice that is reinforced by his own confidence, and found within ourselves. The vulnerable edge this album possesses allows us to deeply connect with the artist... and inevitably text your ex after being just 3 songs in. Seriously. 

Bryson Tiller has been quoted as already working on his follow up to T R A P S O U L, and like many others, I expect him to run with this momentum. If you have yet to purchase or stream this body of work, i suggest you get on it as soon as possible and be ready to dive in your feels.

STAND OUT TRACKS:  Don't, Been That Way, and Sorry Not Sorry 

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