Loick Essien
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HOT RnBASS ANTHEM: Loick Essien ft. Bobii Lewis-Done This Before

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Sony Music prodigy, Loick Essien keeps us in the dope loop with his extraordinary talent and feel, bringing the new RnBass joint "Done This Before". Compatriot half of this duo collaboration belongs to another offspring, multi-skilled artist and a SBTV A64 star, Bobii Lewis. These guys toghether man, they form such a pleasure to indulge in. 

                                                               Loick Essien

The single starts with a catchy low bass lead synth, with the patch up of this crazy if there existed any, it would be a falsetto guittar trip, after which singing begins. The bass line goes all the way through the entire song, which is so authentic in RnBass genre, the vocal imprints are impressively catchy, both Bobii and Loick kicked some serious a**, the bridges are wonderful, interpretation level is amazing, keeps this song on repeat for days without a sight of boredom. Thin tubed voices and then clear in the hooks, with backing vocaling as support, and all that mixed with some good old rap, with explicitness and sexiness at the same time, confirms lots of satisfaction for the listeners and Essien/Lewis fans.

                                                                               Bobii Lewis

Fading into lovely piano part for the distorted guittar, whistling away, this is a classic ladies anthem, roses and all. So gents, c`mon, you know what card to play.


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