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Rock In Rio Brasil: Rihanna Live In Concert

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Three days ago, the people of South America, Brasil, had the pleasure of enjoying the live stage act of the one and only Bad Girl RiRi as she guessed at the "Rock In Rio-Brasil" music festival alongside Katy Pery, John Legend, One Republic, Sam Smith, Sir Elton John, Rod Stewart and Aluna George. On the hot night of the September, 26th, Rhianna opened the ceremony with a one hour, 12 minute show in recognizable approach, kicking the stage off with the red lights opening scene, in the not so much successful outcome. 

In the red light district, there was too many smoke effects, and the musical intro seemed a bit too long, that all looked like a bunch of hot mess for a while, slightly confusing even for the fans watching on live stream, never the less the onces at the live event. After some time, our Baddie finally appeared on stage, but wait, still in no visual content, even though the first song of the performance list has started, and RiRi is On Air big time, the smoke barricade stilll remains. Maybe it`s just my overstressed subjective observation, but that start really made me kind of borred waiting to see what`s going on at the center stage. 

Rock In Rio Rihanna Stage

But, don`t let me stop there, because the other pretty odd and nonmatching situation is the thing the master mic girl was having on. How can you explain this by finding the right word for the yellow plastic bag like two piece wear on her legs and around her black top, resembling some sort of garbage disposal smock, with white jogging shoes on her feet, further prolonging my shocking phase and confusion. The whole show looked like one big rehersal just because of that. I couldn`t keep my focus and relax and enjoy Rihanna`s  beautiful voice, the hair done and make up, not to mention the bling bling diamond wear elegant jewlery sticking out of the look as well adding the drama.

Rihanna Rock In Rio 2015

But I eventually just accepted the way Rihanna flows, never dropping the swag off, so like any real fan would say, with RiRi, anything goes. But to get back to the main course, the live gig was really amazing, proffesionaly done in the best possible way, Rated R chick acted like Rio was her home, and she loved the enegry fans feedbacked, lightning the heat of the night with the best Hits like "Rockstar 101", "Only Girl", "S&M" and other, then slowing down to a ballads break, just so she could return hard and finnish off in style as expected, with "Diamonds" "Pour It Up" and the turn up anthem "B.... Better Have My Money". 

Great entertaining amusement, putting aside one or two tiny omissions, it was raw, it was dirty, sexy and bold, Rihanna staying a tuff one to blow away. And it should stay in that rhythm. Bottles up! 

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