Roman GianArthur
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Radiohead X D'Angelo = Roman Gianarthur

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Roman Gianarthur is the latest addition to Janelle Monáe's Wondaland Arts Society, an eclectic mix of supremely talented artists who operate on the margins of mainstream music. And much like Monáe, his style and image speak just as loud as his incredible voice. After putting his mark on a number of side projects, such as  EPThe Eephus, which is the Wondaland crew's collective debut album, Gianarthur took us all by storm with OK Lady, his very own 6-track masterpiece. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist essentially hand-picked his favorite Radiohead tracks, and decided to give them a very D'Angelo-inspired R&B makeover. The final result is truly a thing of beauty. In the video above you can watch Gianarthur seamlessly blend Radiohead's 1996 High and Dry with D'Angelo's Send it on. An unlikely combination, some would say, but as you'll no doubt realize for yourself, the young prodigy has enough talent to deliver it with the poise of seasoned veteran. He's got the vocal chops, the soulful delivery and the technical skills to almost single-handedly create, arrange and lead this amazing spectacle. You can listen to the entire EP on Gianarthur's soundcloud, and make sure to check out his website for more information.