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Tweet: Soulful Hummingbird comebacks to Charlene

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Majestic Neo/Soul/RnB diva finally returns to the big speakers, and I bet I am not the only one super excited! She is one of those artists which art you don`t even have to hear or see before you show your support by purchasing the goods. After a long brake, she blessed us with new single, teasing the upcoming third studio album named "Charlene", coming somewhere at the begining of the next, 2016. 


The single titled "Won`t Hurt Me", which iTunes premiere just hitted the spot yesturday, talks about a long time friend, wanted to be more, but Tweet cleared the picture, stating "I hope you know that I`m no fool, and you can move how you wanna move, but the truth is I don`t care, I need to make it clear".

Stunning at 44, Tweet is ready to tell us more stories, claiming that "Charlene" project will be embedded by the pages of her personal diary, jusifies her originality and her ever glowing halo. 


Leaving us to endlessly enjoy in the soft guittar riff leads and soft piano rhode keys, swinging in the root times of true Rithm and Bass music, and while my repeat button is burning hot, prepare for the great future hyping in enticipation for the Queen behind the mic, Charlene Keys.

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