Cruz Beckham
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Bending vocal chords like Beckham

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A few days ago, an entertainment show grandly announced that Cruz Beckham was embarking upon a music career. He was officially following in his mother's footsteps  (ex-Spice Girl Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham) and got signed to the same management as Justin Bieber. He was even introduced as the new Justin Bieber. And just when I was getting impressed by it all, they showed a clip, that Cruz had posted onto Instagram, of him singing. That was a bit of a bummer. My expectations got altered right away. 

Still, completely unimpressed now, I got curious to hear his debut single. Smartly, he's kicking this massive new career off with a Christmas song called "If Every Day Was Like Christmas". I think it's an original. At least, I don't recognize this song, if it is a cover. 

It's sweet to hear a little boy sing something as sweet as this song - and I'm sure he'll get a lot of grief for it at high school later - and it's one of those things that you can only get away with around Christmas, but I am missing the faith that others seem to have in him.  

I mix a little myself and I can hear that the vocals have had a little digital help, but even that can't really help the song itself. It doesn't captivate me. Of course, I'm in no way the audience that are aiming at with this little tune. This is clearly intended for little girls who are nearing or just entering their teens. The same way I, at the time, fell for groups like the New Kids On The Block. 

At age 11, there are some people who are saying that he's too young to start a music career. It never did much good for Michael Jackson, so this may be a good point. Luckily, he does have the full support of his family. His brothers are helping him out with the video and mother Victoria is already trying to get him to collaborate with other celebrity singers. I wouldn't be surprised if this could mean the start of a reality show for the Beckhams. 

Either way, it'll be interesting to see whether this song will, indeed, kick off the career of the scale predicted by the entertainment show, but whatever Victoria produces turns into gold.