Aaron Carter
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Blending Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik

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To me, Aaron Carter will probably always be the kid brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. As an artist, I only know his cover “I Want Candy” from when he was very young. I haven’t kept up with anything since. In contradiction to his brother, who’s success started in Europe, Aaron only has maintained his popularity in Germany, I think, but it never really branched out to other countries. So to me, he’s a one hit wonder. However, I have noticed his name still popping up in music news headlines over the years and I realize that he’s been more successful in the States throughout all this time and his appearance on a dance show has definitely helped keeping him in the press, among some other things. He’s recently trying to get his music career back on track, with much of the rest of his life. I know we live in a time in which we all share a lot, but it still takes some getting used to when I hear an artist get in to so much details about his life as Aaron has spoken out about in interviews. Especially in most recent years. In researching this blog, I know more about him than I wanted to. At the beginning of April, he released the first track from his upcoming album, “LOVE”. The song, “Fool’s Gold”, hints of a love triangle and sounds a lot like Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” sound. The video, released just about a week ago, reminds you a lot of Zayn’s “Pillow Talk”. Thinking of a combination of these two artists, pretty much manages your expectations of Aaron’s artistry at the moment. It’s all pretty safe. Yes, it’s more mature. Yes, it’s more now, but it’s lacking an identity of his own. In a time where Zayn has the biggest start of a solo career from anyone who’s ever left a boyband before, and Justin Bieber reclaiming his crown as a prince of pop and picking up a dance crowd along the way, you can bet every young male artist around will mimic them as much as possible. Making them all a dime in a dozen. Going on what Aaron is saying, it is a good thing that he’s writing more from a personal perspective. Those are always the best songs that connect to your audience. Next, he should find his own sound.