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Forever a rebel heart

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Madonna’s “Ghost Town” has recently been voted as the number one best songs of 2015 by Rolling Stone readers in their annual “best songs of the year”-poll.

“Ghost Town” was the second single to come from the “Rebel Heart” album and was accompanied by a lengthy video, featuring “Empire” star Terrence Howard.

There was a lot controversy surrounding Madonna when the album came out. I know, when isn’t there controversy around her, right?

But this time, it wasn’t about the music, the references to religion (“Devil Pray”) or sex (BTW, very nicely done in “Body Shop”), but it was the fact that major radio stations decided that Madonna wouldn’t appeal to their young audiences of late teens to people in their 20s, so they refused to play her new music.

Having gone to her Rebel Heart tour, when it stopped by Amsterdam December 2015, I would have to agree with this conclusion. The odd teen or youngster could be found, but the majority of people there were 30+. And surprisingly (at least to me), some were incredibly fanatic! And I’ve been a fan myself, since like whenever! But I don’t know, compared to that, I felt so grown up. Damn….

Ageism within the music business, but even in our society, definitely became a hot topic and Madonna has most definitely proven you can stay relevant if you want to be. The album “Rebel Heart” definitely wouldn’t put you off regardless of what age you are. It’s got a little bit for everyone on there. “Body Shop” almost reminds me of a funny folk song, “Alluminati” is exactly the futuristic sounds you would expect from a Madonna/Kayne West collabo and “Unapologetic Bitch” mixes reggae with pop.

As mixed as the album is, her “Rebel Heart” tour contained all the usual “Madonna concert” elements. It mixes religion with sex, it always has a segment with her playing guitar, either with or without her dancers, she always has a moment where it’s a massive party (in this case it was “Holiday”), there’s a little drama and a little stunting.

Now, if you think I’m downplaying the show, don’t get me wrong. As usual it’s a massive production that blows your mind, but don’t take my word for it. Watch the footage I shot at the concert.

Recently, The Guardian suggested to Rihanna that she should maybe ditch her troubled “Anti” album and release a greatest hits album instead. I could suggest the same to Madonna when it comes to her tours. Madonna, please do a greatest hits tour. The audience responded the most to the hits, during the show, even when they were reworked.



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