Shawn Mendes
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Shawn Mendes is the new Vevo fave

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A few days ago, Shawn Mendes was voted the new Vevo fave for 2015 with his video “Stitches”. I’d heard the song a few times, but had never seen the video, so I took the hint and investigated.

With being labeled a favorite, I was expecting big things. The intro of the video also raises anticipation. A car driving into a slightly lit garage could be the beginning of everything: A huge dance video, or a boy-chases-girl  scenario. But, wait! “Stitches” is a one man show!

Ok, so, I wasn’t expecting someone who’d be fighting with ghosts that you don’t see.

If you think about it, it’s actually not that out of the ordinary for Shawn to do a video this way. He’s usually doing his shows completely solo too, which he even talked about during an interview with Digital Spy earlier this year.

Shawn Mendes is a classic example of someone who only needed a few seconds to make lasting impressions.

It’s hard to imagine now, but he only started posting Vine videos two years ago. His 6 seconds cover songs were enough to attract a large following and eventually led to “Stitches”, his first top 10 hit and some international success.

He’s got a very active online audience that has voted vividly to get him this new Vevo title. Even though the title has not much to do with the video itself, but is more the result of his massive online following, it is interesting to see this rather simple video getting so much attention. I thought we were in the middle of the return of the big video productions (with Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” leading the way).

For his current single, he is not alone. It’s a duet with Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello.

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