White Light
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The Corrs - As Fresh As Ever!

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The super sibling quartet from Ireland are back after a decade long hiatus, just about to remind us how much we had been missing them all these years. And, what a way to show to the world that mature pop shall always have a few takers! (Me, me, me)

The Corrs will always be one of my absolute favorite bands. One of the few bands I think that experiment with their instruments and sound just as good live as on their studio albums. When this new album released, it was immediately on my must-listen list and I had been patiently waiting to get my ears on it. The Corrs have their signature brand of Irish/Celtic Pop and this album is exemplary of that. Once I gave it a listen, it felt like they had never left.

Yes, there is not much of an evolution from their previous works but strangely they have proven that their sound doesn’t need much of an evolution and it just works as well in 2015 as it did in 1995. In fact, I’d have been a little disappointed on the inside if they had changed their sound to keep in tune with time.

So, “White Light” is all about an organic sound and today’s Andrea Corr sounds just like she did in the 90s – refreshing and young. The harmonies are spot on, and The Corrs still function flawlessly as a team by complementing each other. In the beginning of the album, the mood is similar to their 2000 album “In Home” which was also their biggest success in the US. Unlike their earlier albums – Forgiven, Not Forgotten and Talk on Corners, the album had been dominated by pop/rock tracks with a modern feel rather than drawing major influence from traditional Irish sounds. The first few songs on the new album are reminiscent of that with songs like “I Do What I Like”, “Bring On The Night”, “White Light” and “Unconditional” being bright songs with catchy melodies and only fleeting, subtle Irish strains to it.

It’s only when you get further into the Track List, songs like “Ellis Island” and “Gerry’s Reel” are the full blown reminder of the Irish influence are evident. “Gerry’s Reel” being every bit of the foot-tapping Irish traditional melody- a song that serves as a tribute to their father. Sharon and Caroline are at their best here.

“Strange Romance” and “Catch Me When I Fall” are the beautiful ballads that balances it all out, and since the album has been produced by ballad genius John Shanks (who has worked with the likes of Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion), there are no misses here.

White Light deals with different themes – these celebration, and yearning, and warmth. And, something for the new Corrs fans and the classic Corrs fans. It’s fresh, maybe not as a Corrs album, but definitely as a clear cut in the clutter of today’s teenage pop trends. For me, I’m just happy to return to my happy place!

Album Rating: 5/5