Grand Romantic
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Romantic Pop

Album reviewed by:

There are no single people, only autonomous romantics. I must admit that I didn’t recognize the name Nate Rus until I have listened to Grand Romantic. Then, everything was clear. Nate Russ was a frontman of bands The Format and fun., and now he has decided to perform under his own name, Honestly, there is no difference between the work of these two bands and his solo effort. It is a classic pop album.

After the short into comes the song that reminded me of One Republic but the chorus reveals something more similar to fun. Once we get that frame, the album does not distance itself from bombastic pop songs influenced by everything from Mike to The Killers. Promotional single Nothing Without Love is a typical love song that is probably going to be remembered from this record. Sad+ grandiose can not fail because it makes the atmosphere of this song bigger than life. Chorus is saturated with nanana verses so it is easily memorable. Take it Back is slow tempo number very similar to the work of boy band from the 90s such as New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys.  Great Big Storm can be a new anthem, following the steps of Nothing Without Love. Nate shows his corky side in piano ballade Moments. Did someone say Elton John?

This grand romantic has proved himself. Grand Romantic is a solid pop album with an epicenter in love. Good portion of the songs tend to rule young girls’ hearts. On the other hand, I don’t really know why would he step out of his bands If he has decided to release pretty much the same work he would record with his bands. Well, maybe he just wanted to rule more female hearts.