This Is What The Truth Feels Like (Deluxe)
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Heartbroken Gwen

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It Was hard not to notice the whole thing that was happening in Gwen Stefani's life. It was all over media. Local and world's. It was hard to imagine anyone could look for something else, but Gwen Stefani. She is gorgeous, clever, different, stylish. Perfect. Mother of their children. I think everyone was shocked and well done, Gwen, for leaving him! I'm sure it was rough, leaving someone You love, but he did not deserve anything else. Instead of keeping his family together and looking for a solution for their problem, he cowardly ran into someone else's arms. And not once. It lasted for a while. Gwen, a strong girl as she is, decided not to forgive and to move on with her life without him. Imagine having someone in you life for years, being intimate to the fullest, having family and plans for the future. And then you find out he is having an affair for a year. And in the meantime he was coming home, telling you he loves you and acting like nothing is different. In one word, he was lying all that time. No more trust. The whole world falls apart but Gwen is ready to make a new one!! All that she has put in her new song called Used To Love You. As they say, the biggest works of art are made when in pain, when in alot of pain. And there it is. Her video is very simple, just her in the screen, like she's talking to her ex and he is the camera. Her face expressions show anger, sadness and regret even. I don't really like the video. It made me feel strange, I think it's very intimate. It's probably a sign that is video is well made! At first noone new what the song is really about, but then media all over the world started talking about Gwen Stefani's private life. I guess she had to be even stronger because of that. It certainly wasn't easy. And now she has a piece of art in her life and a new boyfriend! Maybe she'll make this new life even better than the old one! Let's hope so! I love Gwen Stefani!

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