Last Christmas
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Carly sleighs the Holiday Season

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See what I did there? Well it's not exactly an exaggeration and Carly Rae Jepsen has officially dropped what might just be the year's first Christmas single. And, it is a cover of a classic 80’s song! Did Christmas get here early for me?

Now, I can almost see an onslaught of Christmas songs coming in the days to come. We know that is what Holiday season is about after all. But, thank God for Carly for giving me the appropriate head start. Carly’s cover of “Last Christmas” is something I really didn’t think I would need in my life so much. It’s full of Christmas cheer and it doesn’t lose its 80s trip.

We know Carly loves her happy music, and we know that Last Christmas wasn’t exactly that. So what is the confluence of the two like? Hmm, well I don’t think anyone can ever beat the original Wham! in their game. But Carly has her own take of it and this time around Last Christmas seems cheerful and optimistic, upbeat and minus the angst. Carly’s vocals surprisingly add new color to the entire song. It is still 80s but with a 2015 touch with peppy loops and jumpy beats with laid back tempos. My favorite part is definitely the sax! Wondering what all of this would sound like? Give it a hear!


So yes, probably Carly’s version of Last Christmas is going to be my Christmas anthem this year, I am 90% sure of it. Unless Michael Buble really surprises me with something! Do let me know what you think of her cover in your comments.

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